The Unaudited Financials Report FY 2018-2019 shows a $2.22 Billion Ending Balance.

The Reserve Was Never Spent.

Budget Manipulation Continues.

 Our main rallying cry during the strike was to demand the district use the $1.86 billion reserve to fund teachers, nurses, librarians etc.  The unaudited actuals are out for fiscal year 2018-2019 and they show a $2.22 Ending Balance.  

The corporate media plays their role by parroting the district's continual cry that they are are broke.   No investigative reporting is done to verify these statements.  

Non-profit organizations are not allowed a surplus per federal law. 

CORE-LA does not believe the structural deficit big lie.  

We demand full funding of our schools!  We Demand LAUSD stop hoarding public tax dollars. 

LAUSD Deficit Myth

Fact Finding Neutralized with Deception.

On December 8th, 2018 the superintendent gave a press conference on the State Fact Finding report.  This opportunity was used to deceive the public about a pending $500 million deficit for FY 2018-2019.  This very poster was used.   

LAUSD Budget propaganda.

LAUSD Budget propaganda. 

LAUSD Budget Actuals 2017-2018

Superintendent was off by over $700 million.

How We Pay For Budget Deception.

LAUSD ended FY 2018 with $1.99 billion and FY 2019 with $2.22 billion.  So $220 million was added to the surplus rather than a loss of $500 million.  That is a difference of over $700 million, enough to hire 6,000 teachers at 100k a year total compensation, and money left over for a wage increase.  A 1% wage increase cost the district $50 million per year.  After three years with no salary adjustment the 6% we settled for (before going on strike) does not even cover inflation.  We pay for the budget deception.   

How many positions were hired a result of the strike?  The offer was up to $130 million for staffing of 1,200 positions days before we walked out but, as the strike began secret negotiations started so it remains unclear exactly how much additional investment was made as a result of our strike. Did your school receive any additional teachers, nurses, librarians, or counselors?