Real Investment in SEL and RJ!


Social Emotional Learning with trained psychologists and RJ counselors.  

Education cannot take place when students don’t know how to manage their emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.  Yet social emotional learning remains mostly rhetoric by LAUSD as they refuse to make serious investments in this critical component of child development.  Many of our students have experienced trauma in their earliest years so are in need of great amount of support in dealing with their emotions.  LAUSD is starting to develop a SEL program but with minimal effect.  

Teachers from T-K to high school are confronted everyday with traumatized students who take their rage out on the adult in front of them.  Teachers need the tools to handle these situations productively and ultimately minimize them, and support staff is needed to monitor the development of social emotional health of children.  

In the case of elementary schools often times there is no one to attend to the needs of the child.   This cannot happen without a regular presence of child psychologists and restorative justice counselors at all schools. Most elementary schools only have psychologist one day week.   

Currently LAUSD spends 6X more on school police than on restorative justice programs.    LAUSD spends more on school police than the combined total for student health, psychiatric social workers and college counselors!  

What are the results of having the largest school police force in the nations with 411 officers,  105 of which serve full time on campuses?  The school to prison pipeline is filled with mostly students who are poor, minority and disabled.  

CORE demands the divestment from school police and an investment in restorative justice programs, psychiatric social workers, child psychologist and college counselors!