safe and Clean schools


Custodial services

Custodial services have been cut by 2/3 since the 2007-2009 recession.  A typical high school used to have 20 custodians to keep the school clean and the grounds well kept during the school year and over the summer.  Now the number is 5.   The result is schools that look run down and have crumbling facilities.  By 2012 the economy had recovered yet LAUSD never restored custodial services to pre recession levels.

Our schools have to be clean places with quality heating and cooling systems in order for students and teachers to be comfortable in their daily work.  The working conditions of custodial staff also must be reasonable.  Requiring 5 people to do the work of 20 causes great stress on the workers, especially over the summer when a deep cleaning of the entire school is performed.  An anonymous custodian recently exclaimed, “I think the plan is to wear us all out so they can hire younger cheaper workers.”  This criminal neglect could very well lead to a public health crisis at our schools.  


Clerical positions have also been decimated since the recession and never restored.  Now we have understaffed offices at every school which increases everyone's workload and makes our campuses less welcoming, less safe places.  

CORE demands custodial and clerical services be restored to pre-recession levels!