Democratic and Progressive Evaluation System

The current teacher evaluation system was designed outside of the bargaining process by disgraced superintendent John Deasy.   It needs to be redesigned in a way that fosters teacher growth and focuses on student learning. 

Teachers had little to no input on the design.  So we have a very confusing and time consuming process that does more to take away from quality instruction than to develop it.  

The teacher evaluation system is also too onerous and arbitrary.  There should be contractual limits as to how often our members are evaluated. After an employee receives a satisfactory or effective rating on the evaluation administration should not be allowed to evaluate members year after year. 

Too often the evaluation system is used as a tool to unjustifiably target UTLA members for dismissal from the district. UTLA needs to take action necessary to prevent age discrimination on our school campuses. 

For too long the union has been silent while veteran teachers have been harassed across the district.   

 CORE demands the teacher evaluation system be renegotiated!