Political Action


Political power in the U.S. is monopolized by both the Democratic and Republican parties because of the two party system imposed on the country.  The theory of loyal opposition guides this system.  This means the two parties work together to maintain the status quo while opposing each other only on the best way to promote the profit motive.  In this way the appearance of choice and democracy is maintained while conservative polities are pursued.    

Both parties pursue a policy of compromise with the privatizers.  When one party loses it's credibility within a certain population the other steps in to fulfill the billionaire’s mission i.e. the Democratic Party in California carries on privatization just as thoroughly as any red state.  

Every serious problem in the U.S. can be traced back to the two party dictatorship, whether it’s the military industrial complex, the decline of labor unions or the privatization of public education.  The two parties of the rich are just puppets on a string for the billionaires. 

Union Power Model is Flawed

Union Power follows a flawed “corporate democrat” model which gives cover to the give-away of millions of dollars of teacher money to liberal-conservative school board candidates who support the charter school system, thus the dismantling of public education in Los Angeles.  History teaches us that "ALL DEMOCRATS ARE CORPORATE.  There is no left wing of the Democratic Party.  Privatization is in their DNA and UP has hitched their wagon to them.  This is why UP cannot stand 100% opposed to the charter school system.

Political Education

We will build a strong united front for public education sustained through the second largest union in the country with voter education and supporting real left candidates who are adamantly opposed to the profit motive in public education.   

By allocating substantial sums to voter education we will hold regular mass meetings throughout the city on matters of public concern on an ongoing basis. For example, a $250,000 voter education campaign would actually engage people to think critically about education policy.  

A New Direction for PACE

Every month money is deducted from thousands of teacher's checks for our political action committee.  This money can be used to either support campaigns for candidates or legislation.  PACE takes in a substantial sum every month some of which could be used in a constant campaign for progressive education policy or real left, labor candidates.  This is how our autocratic opponents work in constant attack mode, polluting the public mind with demagogy like school choice and structural deficits.  We have the resources to campaign year round with a truly progressive message yet we amass our funds in an attempt to buy school board seats that do next to nothing to stop the charter school system or LAUSD from hoarding billions of tax payer dollars.  The Board is a plaything for the district bureaucrats and their rich bosses.  Yet UTLA like most all labor union in the United States lay all their chips at the feet of moderate politicians who give back very little in return.  Our money is wasted on political consultants to do glossy mailers and consulting at inflated rates.  

School Board elections are right around the corner and bet that UP will be digging in your pockets for their centrist politician friends.  This is not how we build power.  We build broad based political power in Los Angeles by engaging the public about their daily concerns in regards to the schools.  By doing this we ignite a people’s movement for public education.    

Last spring $1.2 million dollars of UTLA teacher money was given to the campaign of one school board candidate.  In 2020 there are primaries and general elections for 4 board seats, so millions more will be spent trying to buy school board seats that really won't do anything to improve public education for teacher and students.  Instead of standing up and fighting the charter invaders they pass the buck to the pro charter laws and claim they are powerless to stop them.  Baloney!  They can easily argue away just about every charter petition with the righteous stance that LAUSD already provides educational services to every student in LA.  The charters claim they are offering something new and fulfilling community needs.  There is nothing they do that LAUSD schools don't.  We need to focus our resources on supporting candidates who are 100% against privatization and mobilizing people in LA to fight for fundamental reform.  It does no make sense to compete with the billionaires in the campaign-industrial complex when are candidates are just like their candidates.  . 

Candidates that want our financial support and political endorsement should be subject to a vetting by the entire membership by publicizing their platforms and polling membership for their preference. This would allow rank and file members to choose candidates that will fight for their profession and their schools.  

CORE will develop uncompromising public education candidates and mobilize the public to take back our school district.