Mission Statement


Los Angeles is a global city beset by savage inequalities evidenced in hyper-gentrification, racism, sexism, homelessness, growing poverty and the privatization of public education.  Our public schools are islands of hope and opportunity for the masses, yet their teachers and facilities are under ceaseless attack.

We cannot offer a world class education to all of our students when local, state and national governments refuse to prioritize public education.  LAUSD continues to hoard mountains of money meant for our classrooms. Their own records show a $2 billion dollar surplus even after the January contract settlement, and the failure of measure EE in June.  The state of California, the source of funding, refuses to use it's great wealth to increase per pupil funding.  No elected officials from either party will endorse The Schools and Communities First Initiative which will reform prop 13 so our schools can be funded like they use to be when California had the best public education system in the country prior to 1978.  Federal dollars to our schools have also decreased over the last 4 decades in order to fuel the military industrial complex and give tax cuts to the wealthy. 

We cannot be strong for our students and the leaders of the labor movement when we are disrespected every year with unreasonable workloads, pay cuts, canned, reactionary curriculum, arbitrary treatment by discriminating administrators and an unchecked public relations campaign against our best efforts.  

Los Angeles is the most charterized city in the nation with 1 in 5 students in charter schools now, and that number is constantly growing, without Union Power or their Democratic Party allies doing anything serious to try to check that expansion.  Seven more charters were approved for the 2019-2020 school year and co-locations are expanding so the profiteering, non-profits can increase their “market share.” 

Class sizes are still unreasonably high, as are counselor ratios. 

There remains a huge need for psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and restorative justice counselors at our schools, while LAUSD spends more on school police than all of the aforementioned mental health professionals combined.

The custodian and clerical workforce of LAUSD have been decimated by well over 50% since the 08 recession and never restored, even after the economy recovered in 2012.  The result is overworked and exhausted staff and schools that are less clean, less safe and less welcoming.  

Fundamentally very little has changed as the result of our historic strike.  Working conditions have only slightly improved, so parents will continue to weigh their options and roll the dice in the charter world.  If present trends continue, LA will become another New Orleans with no public schools at all.  

Union Power says to limit charters, CORE says to end them!  Union Power says to support and fund centrist politicians for school board, CORE says to build an Independent People’s Movement by educating the masses and placing direct pressure on the source of our funding problems in LAUSD, Sacramento and Washington D.C. If we do support candidates for the school board they have to be 100% against privatization not on both sides of the issue like the people we support right now.

Read our draft platform on this website www.corela.education follow us on social media.  Give your input by emailing, corela.education@gmail.com.  The platform and ideas will change to meet the most pressing needs of our neglected public education system.  

Collectively we are building a militant platform that fights for the daily needs of Public School educators and students so they can lead a reconstruction of public education and society.  Uncompromising leadership is needed now more than ever to confront and defeat the billionaire war on public education. Leadership that practices true democracy, is independent of the two corporate parties, educates and moves the masses, improves our standard of living, and develops our craft as the best in the world.


CORE-LA will reclaim our public schools by building a caucus of educators that takes power in UTLA through the electoral process and carries out this platform, and makes our schools safe places of learning, growth and transformation for all.  

CORE-LA needs your support to run candidates that believe in our mission.  Venice High History teacher and Chapter Chair, Soni Lloyd is running for UTLA president with this platform.  We need financial assistance for union made flyers, and public outreach events. With this campaign we will build this caucus and platform together and transform both UTLA and LA.   DONATE TODAY