Improve Benefits

More Choice and Less Fees

We are told it is a victory when leadership "protects" our healthcare.  But on closer examination we have actually been losing out in quality and choice and fees are not getting any better.  

For example our PPO option no longer exists. If member want to go out of network they have to pay 100% of the costs.  PPO is considered top tier and should be available for both medical and dental for those who want to pay for that insurance.

If we do qualify for the lifetime healthcare it is a tremendous deal that we will fight tooth and nail to keep but we should not have to wait until retirement to take care of our medical needs.  Not everyone has the same needs so plan should vary.  

It is good we have no premiums but consider that we do pay extra to receive the services.    

Proscription drug costs are going up and up.

Our dental care provides good basic cleanings but if you need any other work done, you can expect to pay out of thousands out of pocket.  

Eye glasses which many teachers use cost hundreds of dollars even with insurance. 

We also do not offer full pay maternity leave so women have to take a big pay cut to have a child.  That is just not right.   

Because LAUSD is so large, they should be able to negotiate for more options and reduced fees for their workforce.  Of course we know change only comes through demands placed on the district and teachers and communities mobilizing.  

CORE LA will work to improve our healthcare, not let it deteriorate.