Respect the talent of educators


Adjust Wages Commensurate to our Degrees

Studies show what we already know, teacher's salaries lag way behind other similarly educated professionals.  This amounts to roughly $300 a week or $1,200 a month.  How can we expect young people to go into a profession where their sacrifice and skills are not rewarded.

CORE demands this state and nation prioritize paying teachers what they are worth.

Index Wages to Inflation

Indexing our wages to inflation will be a safeguard against UTLA teachers taking effective pay cuts each year.  Union Power refuse to make this a demand.  .We cannot continuously allow our salaries to drop below inflation and then wage bitter struggles ever three years just to catch up.  The State actually provided LAUSD with Cost of Living Adjustment funds every year  which our not passed down to the workforce.   New leadership is needed to make sure teachers get their COLA.  Our standard of living should grow along with economy so we can comfortably live and support families in this city.  Many professions including other schools districts  adjust their salary scale yearly.   Of course CORE also believes that additional real raises should be pursued in times of economic expansion.

CORE Demands LAUSD Index our Wages to Inflation.

Increase differentials 

CORE will pursue improving the differentials for those with advanced degrees.  These have to be worth the effort teachers put out to attain them.  $500 dollars a year for a Masters Degree and $700 for a PHD is an insult.  This is big reason why teachers lag behind other professionals with advanced degrees. 

CORE Demands differentials reflect the time and money teachers put into obtaining them.  


Compensate bilingual educators

Another instance of teacher skills not being compensated is evidenced in the end of differentials for those providing bilingual education services to students.  Teachers who can provide this type of instruction have a very unique skill that is in high demand, especially with the growth of language immersion programs.  Teachers used to get a stipend for providing this specialized service of content instruction in a language other than English.  Now teachers are expected to do this with no extra compensation. 

CORE demands teachers be compensated at levels that reflect their education and skills!