Wage a Yearly War on Class Size.


Class Size

Teachers know best what will ensure that every classroom in LAUSD is a healthy, engaging, transformative place for all of our students.  Lowering class size to reasonable levels is the clearest way to do this.  In 2002 the secondary norm was 32, now it is 42.  That’s 50 more students a day!  We cannot wait another 3 years to attack class sizes which can still be as large as 45 this year in secondary schools and mid 30s in elementary.  A constant war on class size means this is part of the re-openers every year until class sizes are drastically dropped at all levels to reasonable levels. 

Private schools advertise their low class sizes first.   9-15 students a class is typical. Families spend tens of thousands , even hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their kids to private school as a form of social insurance that their children will have the full range of options in life  from being well educated.  .  Families who choose public school should have the same assurance.  The future of the majority of young people in Los Angeles depends on us providing them the highest quality instruction possible on a daily basis.  The second largest school district in the nation, 33,000 teachers backed up by 500,000 students, and one million parents can make this happen.   We need an exceptional system in which all teachers can excel for the benefit of more students.   

CORE demands that class size be a part of bargaining every year until they reach reasonable numbers!