Abolish Charter Schools Before they Abolish Us


Confronting the charter school menace.

Only a united front of progressive public school advocates can slam the door on the profiteering, non-profits.  To them we say, “get your pig snouts out of our public schools!”  We can no longer afford to be on both sides of this issue by giving support to centrist politicians who leave the door wide open to the profiteering non-profits. The charter school drain is the single greatest threat to public education which is essential for democracy.  

Abolish Charter Schools Now

CORE calls for the complete abolition of charter schools in California.  The compromising position of UP in regards to charters has devastated the public school system and our union.  20% of the students in LA are now in charters and UTLA membership has declined by 30% in the last decade.

Separate and unequal system

In 1954 the Supreme Court ruled that separate educational facilities are inherently unequal yet we allow such an unequal system to expand in 2019.  Charter schools openly advertise smaller class sizes, and more engaging curriculum, which turns public education into a game of musical chairs whereby some families live under the illusion they have found something better for their children, and the families who attend public schools are told they are stuck in inferior schools.  We know research does not support these myths and that public schools are more likely to outperform charters yet we allow leveraged politicians to use families as political pawns so charters can increase their market share.  A free people would not allow their school system to be turned into casino for profit where a good education is left up to chance or illusion. 

CORE demands equal education for all!

Financial impact

“LAUSD is an investment bankers dream. A profitable entity with a dedicated stream of revenue (0ver $7 billion in state tax money), over a thousand pieces to break up and sell off, no debt, and huge cash balance ($1.86).” These are the words of fact finding panel member Vern Gates of the California Teachers Association. It is no wonder that an investment banker Austin Beutner has been chosen by a pro charter school board.  Yet even before the Beutner, Melvoin, Garcia Gonez era, LAUSD under board president Steve Zimmer, had been implicit in the selling off of public school space.  

Above and beyond prop 39

LAUSD is the only district in California that has co-location office which assists private charters in invading public school campuses.  The office has gone beyond state law and created a very loose definition of an “unused room,” as one that does not have a roll book carrying teacher.  Thus spaces that serve our neediest students such as mental health offices, therapy rooms for the physically disabled, libraries, and band rooms and the like are offered up to charter schools.   CORE will arm communities with the knowledge they need to make the best choices for all of their children.

Charter law of 1992 has to go

As state law is written school boards cannot deny completed charter applications.  That needs to change. Both proposition 39 and the charter school law of 1992 have to be replaced with progressive legislation.  A people’s movement is the only thing capable of bring about such change.  Giving $1.2 million to Jackie Goldberg’s campaign to enrich political consultants does nothing to close the door on the profiteering non profits.  $1 million dollars toward voter education however would awaken the people to fascist’s plan to destroy public education and mobilize them to action.

The squeeze of the charter drain

The general fund of LAUSD is impacted by $600 million a year due to declining enrollment in public schools.  Unlike private charters, public schools cannot simply shut down when finances are tight.  They must keep the facilities running with a reduced budget.  As public schools are drained of funds they cannot reduce class size or grow their programs.  Public school teachers with up to 20 years of experience are losing their jobs every year due to charter growth in their neighborhoods. 


Charter system will raise taxes

A heavily charterized system is overall more expensive to operate because more schools are introduced into a city with a stable, or in the case of LA, shrinking number of students.   With charters, more buildings, administrators, teachers, support staff, and transportation is needed to educate a set population of students.  This is why taxes will need to go up to support this archaic system.  Measure EE was brought forward and supported by charter backers precisely for this reason. 

 The charter system is not an efficient for the taxpayer.  This is the unspoken cost of school choice.  If parents really want a choice they can go to private school not overburden the public with demands for “special schools” for their students.  Our education budget is always finite not matter what it is.  The economic rule of scarcity requires us to do what is best for the most amount of students with the budget we have.  Of course under funding has to be seriously addressed but not in a way that increases the inequality in this city.   . 


CORE demands the abolition of charter schools!